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Shadow Quest Adventure RPG

iPhone iPad Games Requires iOS 12.0, iPadOS 12.0
App Store $1.99


About Shadow Quest Adventure RPG

Shadow Quest is new Nostalgic 1980's style Old School RPG - Choose your Avatar and explore the Lands! Visit the many Castles and speak to their Rulers who'll give you Quests to go on. Free the Lands of the Evil that threatens them. Equip your Avatar with the best Weapons and Armor you can afford. Explore Caves for hidden Treasures and magical Items, encounter the NPCs, some will help you and others will need to taste your Blade. Fight Monsters and Evil along the way with your Avatar in single 1 to 1 Combat. Gain Allies to add to your Army and fight with them at your side in Multi Enemy Battles. Enjoy a variety of Minigames along the journey and ensure your own Kingdom stays safe! Gain Buildings to produce Resources and Upgrade them as you progress. Follow the trail of Evil Leaders until you vanquish all the Evil in the Lands.

- online only - All player progress is securely saved online, ensuring you can pick up right where you left off in the next exciting installment of the game.

This game is the result of 8 years of dedication by a solo indie developer: Rob Daytona: “I have taken a great amount of time and meticulous care to ensure that this is a high quality and fun game, crafted to the quality of an experienced game studio.”

“There are no in-app purchases, and no in-app ads, this game provides many hours of quality entertainment for a very low 1-time fee.”

“I am working on the sequel which will be a multi-player version of this game. Complete this game and you will be able to Port your Player Avatar, Equipment, Buildings and Army into the sequel! I would be very grateful for your support in purchasing and downloading Shadow Quest.”

The game requires a valid email address to play.