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Weight Tracker

by Arjun Balakrishnan
iPhone Health & Fitness Requires iOS 16.0
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About TapTrack: Weight Tracker

Track your weight loss journey.

Weight tracking is key to any weight-loss plan. Whether you're working out, trying a new diet or making healthy lifestyle changes, your weight marks your progress.
But your weight on any given day can vary due to a range of factors that have little to do with weight loss. Your true progress can be obscured by factors like your diet, water weight or inaccuracies in the weighing scale. You may be getting closer to your goal even if your scale shows a higher reading.

TapTrack calculates your average weights to smooth out these fluctuations, providing a clearer picture of how your weight is changing over time. 

Here's How it Works:
Set a Goal Weight — Split into sub-goals to stay motivated through small wins.

Log your Weight — Regular weigh-ins will keep you accountable for your weight loss journey. By staying mindful of your weight, you can tweak your diet or fitness routine as required.

View your Progress — Setbacks are part of the process. TapTrack keeps you focused on your overall trend by smoothing out the ups and downs.

Reach your Goal Weight — Share this achievement with friends and family, or set a new goal to continue your journey.

Main Features:
> Clean and simple user-interface
> Log your weight in Kilograms (KG) or Pounds (LBS)
> Set goals and split them into sub-goals, either automatically or with a custom sub-goal size
> View relevant stats like your best weight and recent trends to help you understand your progress
> Share your progress at any time during your journey to stay accountable
> View or edit your previous entries
> Use the interactive chart to get an overview of your daily, weekly and monthly average weights
> Share your achievement after reaching your goal with a progress card that summarizes your weight loss journey
> Supports Dynamic Type. You can adjust the text to your preferred reading size
> TapTrack is private by design. All data stays on your device. No data is ever shared with third parties

TapTrack is an indie app. I used it daily during the development process to track my own weight. Regular weigh-ins played a key role in helping me lose over 30lbs within a year.

Download TapTrack today to start your weight loss journey!