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Task Organizer

by Benjamin Warren
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 12.0, iPadOS 12.0


About Turnboards: Task Organizer

Task lists get messy fast especially when using Notepad or my of the other text based apps your probably used to. Lists get so long that you just have to make a new one. Turnboards makes managing multiple checklists a breeze.

With Turnboards, it's easy to keep your todos small and concise so you can focus on just a few items. Once they are done, move them along to the next stage, and they are out of sight. Work on the next few items.

Sharing checklists is easy too. You can assign someone a set of tasks, and that person can focus on just a few items at once.

This app is designed to replace do-it-all text based solutions. If you do want to write some text under an item to clarify something or add additional information, just add a note under that item. Notes are easy to keep track of too, and are alway associated with an item. Drill down for the additional information, and everything stays organized.

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