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by Andre Ponzo
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0
App Store $1.99


About FastCalc

FastCalc is an intelligent calculator that is appreciated for its large keys and the constant display of its memories.

To select a side symbol, drag your finger toward it from the center of the key.

To gradually erase an entered expression, drag your finger slowly to the left on the display. To erase only one character, do a small swipe to the left.
To clear the entire expression, drag your finger quickly horizontally. The result of the last expression erased is stored in ANS.

Touch the result to store it in one of the memories.

FastCalc demo videos are available on our website.

• Large, easy to see keys.
• Memory storage areas.
• Calculation of percentages.
• Copy screen content or result only.
• Constantly displays formula and memories in use.
• Follows operations priority rules.
• Stores last answer each time the screen is cleared.
• Fast and efficient.

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