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by Max Haertwig
iPhone iPad Watch Education Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About Learnbox - cards & vocabulary

Learnbox is THE perfect learning App: creative, individual, and based on a scientifically proven system. That‘s why it's a MUST HAVE for every student or anyone who wants to improve their memory.

• Flash cards representing facts, figures, or any other kind of information
• Vocabulary to learn foreign languages more effectively

• Levels-system to keep track of one's learning progress
• Different practice modes make learning enjoyable
• Better grades in school, college, or university
• Vocabulary are translated automatically
• Customizable with different settings and themes
• Share cards or vocabulary with friends and fellow students or write them comfortably on a computer
• Use iCloud to keep your cards and vocabulary up to date between all your devices
• Dark Mode helps you study at night

Additional features:
• Add images and drawings to cards
• Let Learnbox read vocabulary to you
• Move cards/vocabulary you already know into the archive and use it as a reference guide
• Print out cards and vocabulary as a list or as flash cards to cut out

Have fun learning with Learnbox!!!

If you like Learnbox, please consider leaving a review on the App Store or give me feedback. It helps me to keep improving the app. Thank you very much! :-)