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Andrey Baev

iPhone Health & Fitness Requires iOS 16.0


About Skincare Scanner: Stilla

Know your beauty products better than ever. Stilla makes it simple to get science-backed product reports and routine insights.

Quickly scan a product and learn all about its ingredients, potential irritants and product benefits. Stilla will help you make better decisions, whether you're discovering new products, avoiding problematic ingredients, or just consuming less or more mindfully, Stilla can help you achieve that. T

With Stilla, you can:
▸ Scan product barcodes and get your customized product reports.
▸ Search products in our extensive product database.
▸ Discover new products and ingredients with our curated collections.
▸ Analyze skincare ingredients straight from the product label or from pasted text.
▸ Get insights on your current skincare routine and optimize it according to your goals.
▸ Understand an ingredient list: reveal what each ingredient brings to the overall product formula.
▸ Track problematic ingredients: you choose which ingredients you prefer to avoid - we do not assume this for you.
▸ Track expiration dates: Stilla takes into account each product's individual Period-After-Opening.
▸ Create custom routines and follow them with Live Activities.
▸ Sync all of your products and routines with iCloud.

More great features:
• Organize all of your skincare products and bookmark products for later.
• Revisit products you have previously scanned with the Scan History.
• Get exclusive product insights, including star ingredient highlights and Tracked Ingredients warnings.
• Verify products' marketing claims.
• Use Shortcuts or say "Hey Siri" to start a routine and more.
• Custom app icons.

Why Stilla?

› Scan labels while shopping for beauty products:
Stilla can help you decide if a certain product is right for you.

› Give your bathroom shelf an overhaul:
Optimize your skincare routine according to your goals.

› Have had an allergic or another adverse reaction to skincare in the past?
Stilla can help you detect and avoid the most common allergens and irritants.

› On the side of the 'clean and natural' realm of beauty?
We've got you covered. You can even add custom 'problematic' ingredients, so Stilla can help you keep track of products that contain them.

› Got a favorite product?
Be the first to know if it's been reformulated. With Stilla's ability to scan ingredients directly from labels, you always get the most up-to-date product information.

› Identify strengths and weaknesses of your skincare routine.
When you add a new product, Stilla vizualizes how well it will fit into your existing routine.

› Just starting out on your skincare journey?
Learn about the most common cosmetic ingredients and their benefits for your skin.

Stilla is an independent project built by only two people. We are on a mission to make the skincare industry more accessible and more transparent. Our algorithms are not biased towards any brand and rely solely on scientific evidence behind each ingredient.

Built for privacy: there are no trackers from Meta, Google, or any other advertising platform.

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