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by Eshan Marneedi
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About Citations

Citations’ user interface was designed to be simple and easy-to-use. Just pick a format, fill out the fields, and tap one button to format the website citation properly. The entire process is seamless and quick, with zero latency or load times. It’s designed beautifully for Apple platforms following Apple Human Interface Guidelines, and has support for the latest Apple technologies like Stage Manager and Live Text.

Citations runs without an internet connection, too. This means that you can cite your sources wherever you may be without having to worry about page load times. It works, always.

And the best part: Citations is free forever, with no ads, trackers, analytics, or paywalls. It’s made to help you do your best work, and that’s it. It prioritizes simplicity, beauty, and versatility. It’s privacy-concious in every way— your citations are yours and yours only.

Citations isn’t a reference manager, it’s purely a citation creator that generates citations quickly, so its user interface feels un-cluttered and intuitive. It puts privacy and simplicity above all else.

Citations is made by an independent developer, with no VC backing, tip jars, or creepy upsells. Beautiful, simple, powerful, and made to help students— that’s Citations.