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Barbell Plate Racking Calc

by Aryaman Sharda
iPhone Health & Fitness Requires iOS 16.0


About Barbell Plate Racking Calc

Achieve your weightlifting goals with ease! Our app helps you calculate the perfect plate weight for your barbell to reach your desired weight. Not only that, but you can also calculate your one-rep maxes. Make every workout count! Download now and take your training to the next level.

We support the following barbell types:
- Standard Bar
- 7' (2.2m) Olympic Bar
- 6' (1.8m) Olympic Bar
- 5' (1.5m) Olympic Bar
- Trap / Hex Bar
- Buffalo Bar
- Safety Squat Bar
- Cambered Bar
- Swiss Bar
- EZ Curl Bar
- Log Barbell
- Smith Machine
- Leg Press Machine
- Bella Bar
- Junior Bar

Or you can add your own custom barbell/resistance type!

If you want to calculate your 1RM, we've got you covered there too. Pick from any of the following popular formulas:
- Lombardi
- O'Conner
- Epley
- Brzycki

- One of the most accurate plate calculators on the market!
- Easy to use
- Clean visual representation of weight
- No weight limit!
- Supports both kg and lbs

Premium Features:
- Customizable bar weight and type
- Customize available plates
- One Rep Max Calculator

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