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Natalia Panferova

iPad Graphics & Design Requires iPadOS 16.1
App Store $6.99


About Exsto

Exsto is a unique drawing application for iPad that lets you draw and sketch in an unconventional and fun way.

It has a simple minimalistic UI and won't overwhelm you with a myriad of tools and settings. Exsto has a very special brush with added noise, translucency and gradient that helps you to easily create interesting and impressive art. You can make extremely fast sketches, beautiful and unique illustrations or inspiring abstract art even if you don't consider yourself an artist. And you can export your work as PNG, JPEG and SVG!

Exsto intentionality doesn't allow undo. Don't get stuck perfecting each individual stroke. The imperfection creates beauty and originality.

- Modify the level of noise: higher noise for wilder bursts, lower noise for more precision
- Adjust the opacity: almost transparent strokes when experimenting at first, almost opaque strokes for strengthening the final drawing
- Toggle the gradient: keep the gradient on for a beautiful fade-out effect on the strokes, or turn it off for better defined edges

- Skip the tedious step of defining your artwork size before you start
- Draw and experiment on the infinite canvas
- Freely pan and zoom your drawing
- Frame the artwork when you are ready to export

- Add a vertical guide that mirrors everything you draw on one side onto the other side
- Create perfectly symmetrical drawings
- Re-adjust the position of the guide at any time
- Design great fantasy characters or any symmetrical objects and creatures, like butterflies

- Choose any color to draw with using HSL or RGB format
- Quickly pick colors from anywhere on the canvas
- Keep colors in a local canvas palette for better organization
- Import colors and palettes from other apps by simply dropping them into the canvas palette
- Save colors in application-wide palettes to use in other drawings
- Easily organize your colors and move them between palettes in a dedicated palette gallery view

- Import reference images to trace or pick colors from by dropping them onto the canvas or inserting from photos
- Easily scale, rotate, and position the image in canvas edit mode
- Don’t worry about creating layers: reference images are automatically added onto a separate layer below the drawing and are excluded from export

- Fully functional in iPad Split View, Slide Over and Stage Manager
- Draw while browsing references from other apps or open two canvases side by side

- Choose any of the three available export formats when your drawing is ready
- Easily reframe and reposition your drawing on the canvas for PNG or JPEG export by panning and zooming
- Export all of the paths on the canvas in SVG format
- Choose whether to include the canvas background color in the PNG export

- Follows the system setting “Only draw with Apple Pencil” by default
- Offers the ability to override the setting just for Exsto
- Follows “DOUBLE-TAP” system setting for Apple Pencil