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Pencil Journal

by Zafer ARICAN
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4


About Penjo - Pencil Journal

Design Your Day - Plan, Capture and Create with Penjo.

Penjo transforms your iPad and iPhone into a powerful tool for organization and personal reflection. Created with a unique, agenda-centric design, Penjo not only aids in planning and organizing, but also serves as a digital diary for capturing treasured moments, notes, travel logs, and ideas, creating a balanced blend of work and personal life.

Tailored for individuals with active lifestyles—professionals, students, journal enthusiasts, travelers or entrepreneurs—Penjo merges the essence of professional and personal life management.

Key Advantages of Penjo:

- Agenda-Centric Approach: Penjo's unique design prioritizes your agenda, simplifying daily and monthly planning.
- Flexible Input Methods: Embrace creativity with inputs via text, images, shapes or the personal touch of Apple Pencil, making your entries truly yours.
- Apple Calendar Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Apple Calendar, ensuring you're always informed and prepared for upcoming events and tasks.
- iCloud Sync: Effortlessly syncs across all your Apple devices ( iPad, iPhone and Mac(as viewer), and now Vision Pro ), making your notes and plans accessible anytime, anywhere.
- Adaptable Page & Space Control: Penjo evolves with your needs, from dynamically adjusting pages to customizing layouts with space control giving you total control over your notes' presentation.
- Privacy with Ease: With FaceID/TouchID, Penjo ensures your journals remain private and secure at both journal and app levels.
- Drawable Month Canvas: Visualize your month ahead and creatively track habits.
- Efficient Organization: With tools like customizable PDF exports, reminder alerts, quick navigation, copy & paste and bookmarks, managing your life has never been easier.
- Enhanced Map Cards - New!: Elevate your memories or projects with precise location information using map snapshots, Ideal for travelers and real estate enthusiasts.
- Widgets for Quick Access - New!: Get faster access to your most recent and favorite journals and habit trackers directly from your home screen, enhancing your productivity.

Upcoming Features:

- Handwriting Recognition
- Search and Tags
- Decorative Stickers
- and much more!

Penjo offers a Free version with limited access, or a Paid version with limitless capabilities, including unlimited journals, day sheets, Apple Calendar integration, iCloud sync, protective journals and access to many new features as they roll out.

Get Penjo today and start your journey towards seamless organization and expressive journaling. With Penjo, your iPad and iPhone are not just tools, but gateways to a more organized, creative, and fulfilling life. Don't wait to elevate your daily routine—unlock the full potential of your planning and journaling now.

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