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Pencil Journal

by Zafer ARICAN
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4


About Penjo - Pencil Journal

Meet Penjo, a versatile journal and planner app available on both iPad and iPhone. Created with a unique, agenda-centric design, Penjo not only aids in planning and organizing, but also serves as a digital diary for capturing treasured moments, notes, and ideas, creating a balanced blend of work and personal life.

Designed for individuals leading dynamic lifestyles—professionals, students, diary aficionados, and even entrepreneurs—Penjo puts your agenda in the spotlight, fostering an organized yet flexible routine to enrich your daily life.

Key Features:

• Agenda-Centric Design: Penjo’s design is centred around your personal agenda, making daily or monthly planning a breeze.
• Intuitive Input Options: From text and images to using the Apple Pencil for a more personal touch, Penjo encourages creativity and adapts to your style.
• Apple Calendar Integration: Stay ahead with integrated Apple Calendar events. An event count badge keeps you updated on upcoming tasks.
• iCloud Sync: Access your notes anytime, anywhere across all your Apple devices.
• Dynamic Page Control: Penjo adjusts to your needs, adding new pages or removing unused ones as you go.
• Space Control: Craft neat layouts by inserting or collapsing spaces as required, giving you total control over your notes' presentation.
• Drawable Month Canvas: Visualize your month ahead and creatively track habits.

In addition, Penjo offers:

• Customizable PDF Exports: Create bespoke PDF exports for sharing or archiving.
• Reminder Alerts: Set reminders to reflect on the day’s achievements, plan ahead, or update your diary.
• Navigation Ease: Quickly access your notes through a monthly calendar view or list format.
• Bookmark Feature: Keep important notes easily accessible with swift bookmarks.
• Efficient Management: Easily copy and paste items across different days or journals.

Customize Your Journal:

• Select from a range of journal covers and sheet colors.
• Choose your preferred paper type: blank, lined, grid, or dotted.

And this is just the beginning. Penjo is devoted to continually evolving and adapting to make your journaling and planning process as pleasant and personalized as possible.

Upcoming Exciting Features:

• Handwriting Recognition
• Tags & Search
• Decorative stickers
• And much more!

Penjo offers a Free version with limited access, or a Paid version with limitless capabilities, including unlimited journals, day sheets, Apple Calendar integration, iCloud sync, and access to new features as they roll out.

Whether you’re planning your day, keeping a diary, or just jotting down thoughts, Penjo facilitates a more personalized and engaging method of staying organized. Embark on your lifestyle enhancement journey with Penjo, now fully compatible with iPad and iPhone. Visit for more information.

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