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Sum My Money

by David Saly
iPhone iPad Finance Requires iOS 13.0, iPadOS 13.0


About Sum My Money

Do you want to track your how much your earn and spend every month?
Do you want to evaluate how much your investments are making?

This app will help you answer those questions. The goal of SUM MY MONEY is to increase your awareness of your finances which then leads to better financial decisions. The first step toward better financial future is to have an overview of your money.

The app tracks your SPENDING, SAVING and INVESTMENTS.

It's ideal for you when you have money in multiple cash accounts, multiple brokers, currencies, funds, cryptos, what have you. It creates aggregations and evaluates key metrics about the individual accounts and portfolios.

The app will not play with your emotions. Do not expect any red numbers, alerts about the markets or warnings about your losses. It's there for you when you want to know your finances but it is not pushy.

It is an app for long-term investors. You don't have to check your portfolio daily. It can make you addicted and stressed. Let the time work

You will be maintaining your data manually so it is in your hands and not shared with any third party. Data maintenance is made as simple as possible so that the app can provide valuable information. You will be updating the account values regularly (once a month is sufficient) and booking income and transfer transactions.

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