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Air Earbuds Find Pod & Tag App

iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4


About Air Earbuds Find Pod & Tag App

Introducing Air Earbuds - FindPods Bluetooth Device Tracker, the ultimate solution for effortlessly keeping track of your Bluetooth devices. Bid farewell to the stress of losing your headphones, smartwatch, or any other Bluetooth-equipped gadget. With FindPods, you're always in the know about the whereabouts of your prized possessions.


Approximate Distance to the Device: Utilizing cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, FindPods provides real-time updates on the distance between your smartphone and your tracked devices. Instantly gauge how close or far your device is, simplifying your search.

View Distance as a Graph: Visualize the distance between your smartphone and devices through an intuitive graph. Monitor signal strength and observe changes over time to narrow down your lost item's location effortlessly.

Device Location: Pinpoint the exact location of your Bluetooth device with FindPods' precise location information. No more aimless searching – the app leverages GPS and other location technologies to guide you directly to your lost item.

Save and Edit Devices: Organize multiple devices within the app with ease. Create a personalized list of frequently used Bluetooth devices, customize names and settings, and enjoy quick access when needed.

Don't let the hassle of losing your Bluetooth devices dampen your day. Download FindPods Bluetooth Device Tracker now and experience the peace of mind of always having your gadgets within reach. Say goodbye to misplaced headphones for good!

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