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Thought Path

by Matthew James O'Donnell
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0


About Thought Path

Suppose you have a thought. Is it actionable? Will it one day be actionable? Will it never be actionable, but you want to remember it anyway?

The correct answer is don't think about that now, just write it down!

Thought Path is the smart inbox for your brain, the first point of contact for all your thoughts, ideas, and tasks. Add everything to Thought Path, and easily see the output of your brain over time, on a map, or search for specific keywords.

You can integrate Thought Path with Shortcuts, to automate capturing and reviewing your thoughts, letting the app fit into you workflow.

Though Path is free to use indefinitely, but you will need to review and archive all your thoughts once you reach a cap of 15. Pro users can remove this limit with a subscription fee, freely view their entire archive, and review at any pace they desire.

This app is made by a sole indie developer, and that means I care about user experience, not collecting user data. All your thoughts and ideas are saved on device and synced over iCloud - nothing is ever sent anywhere else for any reason.

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