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Budget Tracker

by Jordan Andrade Carlota
iPhone iPad Finance Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Fintly - Budget Tracker

Welcome to Fintly—where your financial wellness is reinvented. Embrace the ease of meticulous budgeting, insightful transaction tracking, and elegant financial organization, all within a tap's reach. Fintly isn't merely an app; it’s your personal finance navigator steering you towards a prosperous future.
Why Choose Fintly?
Your peace of mind is priceless. Fintly is crafted to safeguard this serenity by offering:
- Empowerment in Tracking - Every cent accounted for, every transaction logged. With unlimited entries, watch as Fintly transforms numbers into actionable financial insights.
- Customization at Core - Your finances are unique, and so should be your categories. Tailor them with icons and names that truly speak to you, ensuring a personalized finance-tracking tableau.
- Insights, Not Data - Absorb the story behind your spending with visual, intuitive month-by-month financial summaries. Understand your habits, adjust your goals.
- Seek and You Shall Find - With robust search and filter options, your financial history is an open book. Locate any transaction with precision and ease.
- Discretion on Demand - Privacy is paramount. Conceal the details of your finances with a simple tap, just like a veil.
- Categorical Intelligence - Delve into your spending behavior with category-wise breakdowns. Gain clarity on where your money flows, fostering informed financial decisions.
- Fortified with FaceID - Security is not a feature; it’s a foundation. With FaceID, rest assured, your financial realm is impenetrable.
Introducing Fintly Pro—Your Financial Echelon
Elevate your fiscal journey with Fintly Pro, where exclusivity meets sophistication:
- Unrestricted category creation for the ultimate in financial customization.
- An all-encompassing Category Overview Tab offers a panoramic fiscal perspective.
- Enhanced with FaceID, your finances are safeguarded behind the pinnacle of security.
Inclusive By Design
Fintly is intuitive by design, robust by feature, and inclusive by nature. Perfect for the budgeting beginner or the financial aficionado, Fintly speaks the language of ease and efficiency.
Your Financial Chronicle Awaits
Take the helm of your financial narrative today. Download Fintly and chart the course to financial mastery. Because with Fintly, you don’t just manage finances; you command them.

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