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iPhone Navigation Requires iOS 16.0


About Dashy: cam. Record Track Share

Turn your iPhone into the ultimate dash camera with Dashy! Capture every moment of your journey, stay safe on the road, and simplify accident reporting, all in one powerful app.

Drive with Confidence:
Dashy transforms your iPhone into a high-quality dash camera, recording your journey's field of view through the rear-facing camera. Whether you're on a road trip, daily commute, or leisurely drive, Dashy ensures you never miss a moment.

Quick Launch Recording:
• Use Dashy's lock screen widget to start recording a journey straight from the lock screen.

Track essential journey data including:

• Date
• Start Time
• Finish Time
• Top Speed
• Average Speed
• Distance
• Journey Duration

Trim and edit your journey videos effortlessly within the app using the built-in video trimmer. Craft the perfect clips to relive your adventures or share exciting moments with friends and family.

Accident Ready:
In case of an accident, Dashy has you covered. Capture important accident details, including:

• Accident Photos
• Third-Party Information
• Accident Scene Data
• Effortless Insurance Reporting

Simplify insurance claims by generating detailed reports directly from the app. Share all the necessary information with your insurance company quickly and efficiently.

Essential information at hand:
Store your insurance details within Dashy, ensuring you have essential information readily available when you need it most.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with having Dashy by your side on every journey. Download now and make your drives safer and more memorable!

For support go to www.dashy-app.co.uk/contact-us

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