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by Joyce Lee
iPhone iPad Music Requires iOS 16.5, iPadOS 16.5


About TrioHarmony

TrioHarmony is an app to help you sing and play in bluegrass harmony. If you’ve ever been to a bluegrass jam, or sung or played along to a bluegrass recording, you know that figuring out harmonies or working out breaks on the fly can be really tricky! TrioHarmony features 100% homemade recordings of public domain songs with full or partial trio harmonies (lead, tenor, and baritone), with two types of song versions: one version that is purely vocal, so that you can concentrate on singing in perfect harmony, and one version that includes fiddle breaks.

The most useful feature of the app is the ability to mute specific parts of the recording. Want to hear only the tenor part, so you can figure out what you’re supposed to be singing? Mute all the other parts and listen to the tenor alone. Once you’ve learned the tenor part, go back and play the song again with all the other parts at full volume but mute the original tenor part, so you can sing tenor yourself with the rest of the parts. The app also allows you to adjust the tempo and key of the recording, in case you decide you want to play faster or slower, higher or lower. Want to play breaks for the song? Select the version that has solos, then mute the solos part, and play your own break to your heart’s content.