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Switch TV ON

by Karl Henes
iPhone Entertainment Requires iOS 16.4


About Switch TV ON


Turn TV ON provides you with a wealth of information about movies, series, and actors in an attractive and user-friendly app. Discover many details about cast, rating, links to Wikipedia, IMDB, social media, trailers, all seasons and episodes, personal data about most of the actors like family, education, work,... and much more at a glance. If you find something interesting, simply copy or share with friends with just one click.

Let your favorites suggest recommendations for TV shows or movies and filter the cast by actors, characters, crew members and positions in the crew for a quick overview: Who plays whom and who has which position in the team?

** FILTER YOUR SELECTION ACCORDING TO YOUR PREFERENCES. Filter your selection by streaming providers (TV show), genre, country of origin (TV show) or original language (movies), and rating. This way, you only see what interests you. You can compile the list of streaming providers for TV shows yourself in the settings.

** FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR QUICKLY. With the powerful search function, you can search directly for titles or names and decide whether you want to find a TV show, a movie, or a person. You can place the search field at the top or bottom according to your preferences in the settings. For the last 30 entries, you can use the search history.

** MANAGE YOUR FAVORITES AND WATCHLISTS. With just one click, add TV shows or movies to your favorites list and keep track of your favorites. Sort your favorites alphabetically, by release date, or by the time you added them. With the watchlist, manage all the movies and episodes of a TV show that you have seen or still want to see. Add individual episodes or all episodes of a season to the watch list at once. The convenient button in the discovery view allows you immediate access to upcoming favorites for a quick overview.

** RECEIVE AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS AND REMINDERS. With automatic reminders, you will be informed in time about the release date of your favorites so you don't miss any highlights. If you add an entry to the favorites or watchlist, a notification and a reminder for the release date of the movie or episodes of a TV show/season will be generated automatically. In the settings, you can grant the app permission for this.

** CUSTOMIZE THE APP TO YOUR PREFERENCES. Customize the (light or dark) display, language, and your country (for current and upcoming movies) in the settings according to your taste. Create your personal list from the available streaming providers. Specify which reminder list your reminder should be added to. Choose haptic feedback, select the search field at the top or bottom, set the color boundaries for the ratings, and much more...

** KEEP YOUR DATA. With the option to back up (CSV format) your extensive favorites and watchlists in the form of a CSV file, you always have a copy of your data and can process it in, for example, Numbers.

** FEEDBACK AND HELP. Our dedicated team is always available to answer questions and accept feedback. If you like Switch TV ON, we would appreciate a positive review in the Apple App Store and thank you for your support in further developing the app!

** PRIVACY AND AD-FREE. Switch TV ON is free, ad-free, and does not require a subscription or registration. No data is transmitted to third parties. We are financed exclusively through voluntary in-app purchases in the form of tips.

Switch TV ON does not allow streaming of content directly in the app but provides a link to the popular streaming service JustWatch. Metadata and artwork are provided by TMDb, a community-maintained database for movies and TV shows. Additional information is provided by the free database WikiData.

Start your journey into the world of movies and TV shows with Switch TV ON now!