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The Everything App

by Solid Apps SRL
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4
App Store $4.99


About Evo - The Everything App

No subscriptions - Buy once, keep forever
Please note that Evo requires creating an account in order to sync your data across devices.

Introducing: Evo - The everything app. The last productivity app you'll ever need, combining events, reminders, mood tracker, notes & diary, habits, a focus timer, and more. All in one seamless timeline design for minimalism and ease of use. Are you ready to reclaim your time and enjoy a more organized lifestyle? Download Evo now and manage your schedule, tasks, and events with ease.

Key Features of Evo - The everything app:

- Add events with natural language
Isn't it so much easier when our devices understand us? You can say things like:

"Pick up the kids tomorrow at 18:00"
"Lunch this Saturday between 12:00 and 14:00"
"Meet with Bill in 2 hours"

- Quick Join for video calls
You will find options to jump straight into events that have video calls both from the app itself and from notifications

- Reminders
Your Reminders can live alongside your events in all layouts. You can also create and edit reminders.

- Use the calendars on your device
Solid Calendar works with the calendars you already have on your device. No data about your calendars leaves your device, so you can have peace of mind about your privacy

- Light and Dark mode
Enjoy well-designed themes for both light and dark modes and pick the one you like best to accommodate your style.

- Notes & Diary
You can create any kind of notes you want and organize them across dates

- Unlimited uploads
You can upload as many images, voice recordings, and sketches as you need

- Formatting
Make your notes as useful and clear as they can be with a variety of formatting options

- Mood tracking
Use Evo - the everything app to keep track of how you feel each day

- Build better habits
You can use Evo to track any habit you want, whether it's 3 times daily, once weekly, or monthly, whether it's a fitness or health habit, personal habit, or something related to studying or work, you can track it all here.

- Focus timer
Once you created a few steps to work on, you can start a focus timer and get to work.

- Deadlines
Set a target for your goals and objects and get reminded in Evo

- Widgets
Pick from several widgets to display your calendar events

- Solid Apps Account
Your data is synced instantly across all your devices. It's fully encrypted and only you can read it. Events and Reminders are handled by EventKit, which is a framework from Apple, and this app is only given strict permissions to read and edit your events and reminders. The app does not copy them to any server or collect any information about your events and reminders. For more details please don’t hesitate to reach out or read the privacy policy.

Are you ready to get on top of your schedule? Solid Calendar is a universal app available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
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