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Georgios Trigonakis

Mac Music Requires macOS 10.13
App Store $7.99


About Export for iTunes

Transfer your playlists easily to any SD Card or USB Drive.
Export your playlists and albums from your Mac music library (iTunes or Music app on macOS Catalina and later) to any local folder, external storage, SD card, or USB drive!

Export and convert any kind of DRM-free audio file type (AAC, MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WAV). Can not export or convert DRM-protected files like audio files from "Apple Music" streaming music service.

Use this app to:
• Create a USB drive or SD card with your music
• Add music from iTunes to any media player
• Share playlists with friends
• Move music to another computer
• Take a backup of your music


#Easy to use
Just select the playlists or albums you want to export and press the export button. App will convert, export, and organize files and will create the m3u playlist file for you.

#Audio Converter
Choose if you want to convert your music files to mp3 or aac for the best compatibility with most media players. Convert from any kind of audio file type (MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WAV).

#M3U playlist file
Choose if you want to create an m3u playlist file for every playlist. M3u file will help you play your playlists to any compatible player or even import your playlist to another iTunes library.

#Choose audio file names
Select from predefined name formats or create your custom format using the name format editor.

#Organise exported files
The app will organize exported audio files in folders. You can choose if you want to organize exported files by artist, album, or playlist.

#Choose the playlist order
You can keep the original playlist order or choose to order playlist songs by year, artist or even shuffle order.

#Export your favorite podcasts
Choose your favorite podcasts shows and episodes to export.

#Clean hidden files
App can clean your external drive from hidden OS X files that can cause compatibility problems with some media players or other operating systems.

#Export songs metadata
App can create CSV or Excel files with songs metadata.

"If you regularly need to copy music from iTunes or Music, it’s a good way to do it."
-Great [4/5]-


"Great for exporting to USB stick for car"
- App store review, United Kingdom

"Amazing time saver"
- App store review, United States

"I love this App - it does exactly what it claims BRILLIANTLY"
- App store review, Australia

"Very easy to use and understand"
- App store review, United States

"The missing iTunes "Export" Tool.. at last!"
- App store review, United States

The app does not modify your iTunes library.

Export for iTunes is compatible with the Music app and iTunes 11 or above.

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