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by Jordan Hipwell
iPhone iPad Mac Photo & Video Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About DateStamper

DateStamper allows you to apply beautiful date stamps overtop your photos – and include time, GPS location, and custom captions if you’d like.

"DateStamper brings back old memories for me ... It looks good, it gets the job done, and it’s nicely integrated with Apple’s Photos app."
– MacStories Editor-in-chief and Founder, Federico Viticci

The modern photo date stamp is here! Easily add a stamp to your photos so you can remember when or where they were taken. Perfect for printing pictures to display in albums or scrapbooks, allowing you to preserve your memories.

The best feature of point and shoot cameras is now available on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (and better than ever).

◦ With many fonts, colors, and styles to choose from, you can get just the look you want*
◦ The vibrant style beautifully blends the date into the photograph, allowing the image behind the date to shine through
◦ Or go with a classic look with the traditional digital display font
◦ Add a background color, stroke, shadow, underline, and adjust opacity
◦ Customize the date and time format
◦ Use the date taken, date created, current date, or a custom date
◦ Add the location where your photos were taken — name, address, GPS coordinates, or custom text
◦ Add your own caption
◦ Adjust the placement with position and padding options, and change the order of the text

◦ Easily select photos from your library to stamp — select each individually, swipe to select, select a range, or select all photos in an album
◦ Stamp multiple photos at the same time**
◦ Take a new picture with a stamp pre-applied
◦ Use the DateStamper edit extension to stamp a photo directly in the Photos app
◦ Use the Stamp Image action in Shortcuts to automate your workflow

◦ Edits are applied right on top of the photo in your library, no duplicating necessary
◦ Remove or change a date stamp at any time, it’s completely nondestructive
◦ With iCloud Photos, when you apply a date stamp on one device, it will appear on all your other devices automatically

◦ Beautiful and intuitive design
◦ Split View and Drag and Drop support
◦ Accessibility support including Dynamic Type and VoiceOver
◦ Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
◦ No ads, no tracking, no subscriptions

* Premium Styles is an available in-app purchase that allows you to utilize all of the style options
** Unlimited Batch is an available in-app purchase that allows you to stamp more than 10 photos at a time

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