Dec. 1, 2022

v 4.13.0

• [Feature] Refresh folder contents from server periodically for folders currently open in Finder (macOS)
• [Feature] Refresh folder contents from server periodically for folders currently open in Windows Explorer (Windows)
• [Feature] Skip button to allow creating share with no passphrase (Dropbox, Box, ownCloud, Nextcloud) (#13846)
• [Feature] Redirect to application without requiring to copy authentication code when opening new connection (Dropbox)
• [Feature] Allow configuration of client certificate (ownCloud, Nextcloud)
• [Bugfix] Third-party connection profiles not available in Preferences
• [Bugfix] Missing files with diacritics in filename using Unicode NFD normalization (macOS)
• [Bugfix] Possibly freeze of application when submitting new operation for sync in background
• [Bugfix] Owner and group for file not shown in Info window (SFTP)
• [Bugfix] Issues with symbolic links to current or parent directory (SFTP, macOS)

Nov. 1, 2022

v 4.12.5

• [Feature] Allow to view and revert previous versions of files (ownCloud, Nextcloud) (#10560)
• [Feature] Allow to request files with upload share link (Dropbox) (#13832)
• [Bugfix] Try keyboard-interactive authentication always before password for interoperability with 2FA configurations (SFTP)
• [Bugfix] Failure creating upload link to request files (Nextcloud) (#13791)

Oct. 11, 2022

v 4.12.4

• Failure enabling connection profile from Preferences (#13739)
• Only set userProject parameter in requests for buckets with requester pays option enabled (Google Storage) (#13745)
• Error creating new bucket (S3, Google Storage, B2, macOS)
• Reduce interval to run local cache management daily

Sept. 15, 2022

v 4.12.3

• [Bugfix] Only index files in background for folders previously opened
• [Bugfix] Lower system pressure when pruning files in local cache
• [Bugfix] Prioritise password authentication if password is available (SFTP) (#13442)
• [Bugfix] Filter identities in SSH agent based on private key selection in bookmark (SFTP) (#13680)
• [Bugfix] Switch OAuth registration with redirect URIs shorter than the allowed maximum of 32 characters in Windows Store (Google Storage, Google Drive) (#13695).
• [Bugfix] Save OAuth expiry in keychain instead of preferences (#13710)

Aug. 18, 2022

v 4.12.2

[Bugfix] Repeated prompt to verify server fingerprint (SFTP, Windows) (#13638)
[Bugfix] OAuth token not saved in credentials manager (Dropbox, Windows) (#13613)
[Bugfix] Malformed authorization header with wrong region when browsing buckets in multiple regions (S3)
[Bugfix] Lower memory footprint regardless of available memory on system (macOS)

July 12, 2022

v 4.12.1

• [Bugfix] Unable to complete OAuth flow with missing scheme handler registered when running in sandbox (Google Storage, Google Drive) (Mac App Store)

June 29, 2022

v 4.12.0

• Allow to configure expiry for files in local cache
• Allow to configure maximum size on disk for local cache
• Allow to configure notifications
• Revert previous file versions in Info panel (S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Google Storage, OneDrive, Microsoft Sharepoint)
• Delete previous file versions in Info panel (S3, Backblaze B2, Google Drive, Google Storage)
• View previous file versions in Info panel (S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Storage, OneDrive, Microsoft Sharepoint)
• No length limitation when storing passwords in Windows Credential manager (#12803) (Windows)
• Migrate OAuth out-of-band flow to an alternative method (#13360) (Google Drive, Google Storage)
• Indexing folders to detect changes from server may not resume after network failure
• Missing options in Info panel (Backblaze B2, Azure) (Windows)
• Allow to manually select folders to reload with changes from server (Windows)
• Do not attempt to set ACL on files uploaded to bucket with owner controls set that disallows ACLs (S3) (#13386)
• Register custom DNS resolver to handle IPv6 preference (#13399)
• Failure opening vault (Cryptomator, FTP) (#13375)
• Mismatch between SHA256 hash error when downloading files (Dropbox) (#13361)
• Transfer acceleration endpoints not used (S3) (#13359)
• RequestTimeTooSkewed error with computer date settings not using Gregorian calendar (S3) (#13454)
• Fix error reporting to display exact parser failure for unexpected response contents (S3) (#13383)

April 28, 2022

v 4.11.3

• Unable to create new buckets (S3)
• Failing transfers with multipe files (FTP) (#13322)
• Failure opening folder with symbolic links (SFTP, Windows)
• Faster resuming of previously paused synchronization

April 8, 2022

v 4.11.2

• Failure reconnecting when control connection is closed on server (FTP) (#13037)
• Modification date not set when saving file causing warnings in some applications (macOS)
• Hide file when deleting latest version to allow later restore (Backblaze B2)
• Unable to open directroy with symbolic links (SFTP, Windows)
• File modification warning when saving file in Notepad++ (Windows)
• Failure saving file previously created with "Lock Files" option enabled using pseudo locking for protocols with no native lock support using lock owner files

March 31, 2022

v 4.11.0

• [Feature] Faster transfer speed when uploading many nested folders
• [Feature] Increase number of concurrent uploads
• [Feature] Faster resuming of previously paused synchronization
• [Feature] Faster copying of files to mounted volume (macOS)
• [Feature] Enable authentication using OpenSSH agent on Windows (SFTP, Windows) (#12880)
• [Bugfix] Failure copying or renaming file when bucket name is set in hostname using virtual host style (S3)
• [Bugfix] Failure deleting file (Google Drive, Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Failures when deleting folder with no placeholder (Azure) (#12900)
• [Bugfix] Batch requests when deleting multiple files (Dropbox) (#12904)
• [Bugfix] Deleting many files may fail with 413 Request Entity Too Large (Google Drive) (#12902)
• [Bugfix] IPv6 not working for hosts with both A and AAAA entries (#12917)
• [Bugfix] Resolve tilde in IdentityAgent configuration (SFTP) (#12954)

Feb. 4, 2022

v 4.10.3

• Filter instead of disabling bookmarks in menu on search (macOS)
• When creating new vault save vault.cryptomator to make vaults readable by Cryptomator apps (Cryptomator)
• Expire cached quota usage from server
• Updated icon in favourite item in sidebar of Finder (macOS)

Jan. 11, 2022

v 4.10.1

• Modification date updated when previewing file in Finder (macOS)
• No window displayed to copy URL for shared file (macOS)
• Failure overwriting existing files when copying in Windows Explorer
• Try all public key algorithms available for a specific key type (SFTP) (#12733)
• Add fallback when location query for endpoint URI fails (S3) (#12723)
• Failure connecting to bucket with missing virtual host style request support (S3) (#12746)

Dec. 24, 2021

v 4.10.0

• Missing sync status overlay icons in Finder (macOS)
• Support for Box API (Box) (#10235)
• Deny access to volume for applications not owned by currently logged in user (macOS)
• Interoperability with Sharepoint Site (Microsoft Sharepoint)
• Superfluous notifications for new files added when indexing directory primarily

Dec. 6, 2021

v 4.9.1

• [Feature] Interoperability with vault format 8 (Cryptomator) (#11888)
• [Feature] Support for AWS SSO using Session Token Authentication (S3) (#11568)
• [Feature] Support for TLSv1.3 (Windows) (#11790)
• [Bugfix] Allow session reuse for data connections (FTP-SSL) (#12589)
• [Bugfix] Application freeze when adding item to sync history (Mac App Store)

Nov. 26, 2021

v 4.9.0

• Native support for Apple silicon (#11101)

Nov. 18, 2021

v 4.8.2

• Skipped pending uploads when pausing synchronization
• Automatically pause synchronization when login is canceled
• Replacing file may cause empty permission set in ACL (S3)
• Failure authentication with PuTTY private key (SFTP) (#11887)
• Set storage class for transition to "ARCHIVE" when editing lifecycle configuration (Google Cloud Storage) (#11906)
• Deleted folders still displayed with versioning enabled on bucket (Google Cloud Storage) (#11904)
• Failure copying large files in Finder (macOS)

Nov. 3, 2021

v 4.8.1

• Favourite item in Finder sidebar not removed when quitting application (macOS)
• Crash when selecting alternate disk letter for bokmark (Windows)
• Sporadic missing read-only mode when opening Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Powerpoint file currently edited by other user in pseudo locking mode (macOS)
• Reduce number of file reads when opening file and checking against modifications on server
• Application may hang when attempting to open connection to unreachable server (Windows)