Sept. 28, 2023

v 1.3.2

Fixed an issue where words sometimes wouldn't appear in the list.

Sept. 24, 2023

v 1.3.1

Added support for macOS widgets.

Sept. 18, 2023

v 1.3.0

New word of the day Lock Screen and Standby widgets!

- Added Mastodon links.
- Improved the look of Home Screen widgets when only the word is visible.
- Improved performance of tab switching.
- Added tab button accessibility actions for scroll to top and close cover.

- Fixed VoiceOver bug where tabs would not be detectable.
- Fixed bug where background tab information could be read by VoiceOver.
- Fullscreen image viewer now keeps image colors when smart invert is on.
- Fixed occasional crash due to category picker
- Fixed reselect bug on tab menu buttons
- Fixed pronunciation for Old English words using ȳ
- Fixed VoiceOver hint on widgets so that it no longer suggests the user could play an audio pronunciation
- Fixed VoiceOver pronunciation for Hana Videen and Ryan Lintott
- Fixed a bug where widget latch shading wouldn't look correct in iOS 16

Aug. 13, 2022

v 1.2.0

New Features:
- Links in image captions now take you to the image source.
- Words, descriptions and image captions can be copied to the clipboard.
- Improved image loading when scrolling past many words.
- Loading view will show when initial words are loading.
- Loading errors will be shown to the user if they occur.
- Removed old non-customizable widgets that were lost in a fire.
- Social links changed to icons.
- Added book reviews from Neil Gaiman and the Wall Street Journal.
Bug Fixes:
- Bug that caused words not to load on some devices has been fixed.
- Favourites now sync properly across devices.
- Snail cat and the two-headed dragon will no longer shrink below a minimum size.
- Quotes in English timeline no longer overlap when using accessibility font sizes on a small device.

Jan. 12, 2022

v 1.1.0

New Features
- New customizable widgets! Toggle pronunciation, definition and image visibility, along with the number of pronunciations and light/dark mode per widget. (Old widgets lost in the Ashburnham House fire of 1731.)
- Extra large widgets available on iPad (iOS 15.0 or later).
- Listen to Old English quotes in the About section.
- Accessibility: VoiceOver will now read Old English words with correct pronunciation in the app (iOS 15.0 or later).
- Word wyrm now visible on loading screen
- Loading animation for images.
- Added reviews for The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English.
- Widget instructions link in settings.
- Accessibility: Pronunciation text now available to VoiceOver
- Accessibility: Smart scrolling of popup views for extra large dynamic font sizes.
- Accessibility: Category selector easier to navigate with VoiceOver.
- Accessibility: Improved VoiceOver element ordering for opening clasp and navigating to items within.
- Accessibility: SmartInvert will no longer invert images.
- Audio pronunciations now sound correct in all languages and regions.
- Border matches widget corner radius on iPad.
- Demo widget in the app now displays at the correct size.
- Tapping tab buttons scrolls content to top.

Sept. 8, 2021

v 1.0.3

- Audio pronunciations should play properly on all devices
- For non-English language devices, audio pronunciations will no longer play using non-English voices. Instead an error will appear with instructions on how to download a supported voice.