Jan. 6, 2022

v 1.3.0

Introducing online map layers for better route discoverability! You can now add overlays on top of the regular map. The available layers include hiking trails, cycling routes, hillshading and public OSM GPS tracks.
The personal heatmap display setting has moved to the new Map Layers menu.
As per usual, this update also includes multiple small enhancements.
We value your feedback and are open to your suggestions. Do not hesitate to leave us a review or share your thoughts in any other way!

Dec. 18, 2021

v 1.2.1

You want to repeat that route you really liked during one of your activities but since have forgotten the exact directions? You can now navigate along any route you have recorded during your activities. You also have the ability to export the route of your recorded activity as a GPX file for further analysis or use in other applications. You can find these options in the More button menu in activity details.
This version also includes significant track recording improvements & minor bug fixes.