Introducing Pigeon 1.2, the best Telegram client for watchOS 10.

By Vincent Neo • Sept. 15, 2023

The next major update to the third-party Apple Watch Telegram client, Pigeon, has been announced to be released on September 18, 2023, to coincide with the launch of watchOS 10.

With the new design of the operating system in mind, Pigeon's user interface has been re-engineered to cohesively bond with watchOS 10.

For the first time ever, Pigeon users will receive message notifications with profile pictures of the sender, providing a more immersive communications experience.


Pigeon 1.2 includes Spanish, Catalan, German, Ukrainian and Russian localisations provided by the users of the app, for a better user experience around the world.

Bot interactions

Telegram bots are often deployed by businesses as a way of interacting with customers. In Pigeon 1.2, users can interact with these bots, with their preset replies or selectable option buttons, directly from their wrists.

Improved performance

Messages with images are now loaded progressively, where Pigeon will intelligently choose to load a lower resolution image, before the full resolution image is ready. This ability allows users to view images faster than ever.