Power Player 1.13: Add scrolling lyrics to any song, iOS 17 ready

By Tim Even • Sept. 18, 2023

Power Player is an immersive Apple Music client that uses artwork colors throughout the UI. With version 1.13, users can upgrade the Now Playing experience by adding scrolling lyrics to any song in their library by using LRC files. Tapping on a certain lyric sets the playback time and countdown timers are displayed for instrumental parts. Learn more

Adding to the immersive experience, the app supports two new beautiful visualizer styles. Tilting your device changes the visualizer behavior.

Additionally, Power Player has been updated to support iOS 17 with interactive widgets. The Now Playing widget adds playback controls and the Home widget allows users to play songs without opening the app first. The Now Playing widget also supports StandBy and has a larger lock screen widget for iPad.

Get Power Player at and check it out for yourself.