GamingBuddy v2 brings improved navigation, new widget, reviews

By Filip Němeček • Nov. 14, 2023

Version 2.0 improves the core experience, makes favorites easier to access, adds new tab with recent reviews from large outlets, adds new widget type and features professional new icon.

Revamped navigation

New update brings tab-based navigation that separates “Favorites” section into its own tab for better access. Dedicated favorites screen also presents upcoming games in special “Up Next” section. This also means users can freely browse upcoming games while having access to favorite ones without navigating backwards.

Recent reviews

New tab bar navigation also introduces “Reviews” screen which features recent reviews from the most popular websites (for example IGN, GameSpot and more). Each review card has summary snippet, score (if available) and also ability to view game detail in the app for easy favoriting.

Featured Up Next Widget

First widget that does not require favorited games to work. Instead this Up Next variant shows the soonest releasing games from the “Featured” list in the app. GamingBuddy Unlimited subscription is required.

Brand new icon

The previous icon was made quickly to get the app to the store. Version 2.0 brings professional app icon inspired by the “D-Pad” on game controllers where each button showcases app feature.