Sunlight to join list of apps ready for Vision Pro's launch

By Vincent Neo • Feb. 1, 2024

On February 2, 2024, Apple's Vision Pro will arrive at the hands of many excited Americans who have preordered it. Along with their devices, comes with the App Store, with an evergrowing collection of native apps for visionOS.

Sunlight - Rise & Set Times is proud to be available on day one of the launch of Vision Pro.

Sunlight is totally reimagined for the spatial computing experience. Users can expect a meticulously crafted, three-dimensional (3D) planetary ornamental movement that moves throughout the day, representing the day and night cycle, of a day.

Photographers can check and plan the best time of day, for the best natural lighting using Sunlight, while not blocking their artistic field of view, as they compose the next mind-blowing photography work, concurrently.

Astronomy lovers can check for the Sun and Moon's live azimuth and altitude angles, right in their field of view, when using Sunlight on the Vision Pro.

Everyday users can use Sunlight as an informative and decorative clock, placed anywhere they want, while they work on their daily routines, getting work done, or even while watching a video.

Sunlight calculates all these data, right from Vision Pro itself, even without an active internet connection, after selecting regions.

Supported calculations

Available Sun data:

  • Sunrise, Sunset
  • Solar Noon (highest point in a day)
  • Morning Twilights (Civil, Nautical, Astronomical)
  • Evening Twilights (Civil, Nautical, Astronomical)
  • Blue Hour
  • Golden Hour
  • Real-time azimuth and altitude angle calculations
  • Midnight Sun / Polar Night detection
  • Daytime duration

Available Moon data:

  • Moon rise, moon set
  • Meridian passing (highest point in a day)
  • Upcoming dates of new moon, full moon, last and first quarters
  • Current moon phase
  • Real-time azimuth, altitude angle, illumination percentage and distance from Earth calculations