Pigeon for Telegram gains ability to read PDFs on the Apple Watch

By Vincent Neo • March 17, 2024

Pigeon, one of the best third-party Telegram client for Apple Watch has recently been updated to mark it's one year anniversary since its release.

Pigeon 1.4 brings new features to enhance the Telegram experience on Apple Watch.

Document messages are one of Telegram's most essential message types, that enables fast and effective transfers of files, such as PDFs, plain texts and more.

Reading PDFs on Apple Watch allows users to quickly glance through important documents while on the go. With a gentle spin on the Digital Crown, users can zoom in or out of every page of a PDF.

Pigeon parses Markdown and rich text, allowing users to view documents in a presentable way, as the sender intended. Uncompressed images and video, are also supported through document messages.

Channel Comments are great ways for Telegram users to interact on certain channels topics. With Pigeon 1.4, users can read and chat with other Telegram users in the comment section of comments-enabled channel messages.

Users may also start new chats via synced contact lists, directly within Pigeon, allowing users to message someone that isn't in the chat list.

Video Notes are fun ways in Telegram to share glimpses of special moments to friends and family. With Pigeon 1.4, users can view these moments directly on Apple Watch.

Pigeon 1.4 is now available on Apple Watch App Store, for users on watchOS 8.4 and later. Some features may require watchOS 10.x.