Open runs and splits added to Watch to 5K

By Ben Callis • March 26, 2024

Version 5 of Watch to 5K is now available. Here's a breakdown of the new features in this version:


Everyone runs at a unique pace. While the program aims for continuous running for 30 minutes, not everyone can achieve a 5K within this time and may miss out on achievements like the 5K distance milestone. Open Run lets you run at your preferred pace without time or distance constraints. Whether it's 3K, 5K, 40 minutes, or more, the choice is yours!


As you advance in the plan and transition to continuous running without walk breaks, the Watch to 5K iPhone companion app will display Splits. This feature helps you track your progress and analyse performance more effectively.

Kilometre Splits will show for all Open Runs.


Watch to 5K seamlessly integrates with your favourite music player or podcast app. In version 5, the app will now temporarily pause spoken audio from podcasts or audiobooks while providing prompts, instead of simply lowering the audio as before. Music apps will still be lowered, not paused. During Open runs, the virtual coach updates you on your progress at each kilometre, keeping you informed on your total run time, distance, and average pace.

You can also double-tap the screen to hear your current progress.


  • Satellite share images are now higher quality.
  • Route lines have been refined to reduce sharp corners in specific instances.
  • Improved accuracy of stats in the segment breakdown within the iPhone companion app, addressing minor inaccuracies caused by pauses during runs.
  • Average heart rate is now included in the Run Details section of the iPhone app.