un:safe, a safecracking game on your wrist, un:leashed!

By Emin Grbo • Nov. 5, 2021

If you were to look in my appstore “profile” you would see that the last app I released was an egg timer Runny Egg, I made that app almost 2 years ago, and shortly after I got hired.

Time was not something I had a lot of, so personal projects took a back seat. They seem to have taken the trunk to be completely honest, because since then I never released anything else! And now when I am about too, I am way too critical of myself and keep postponing the true release date 😂

That changes today! I finally had enough time to work on this new amazing game, which is using the least used platform for games -> watchOS!

To challenge myself I wanted to have a game that uses only one control interface, in this case the watch crown, and make a somewhat addictive and fun game.

In this game, you are tasked with unlocking the “safe” by trying to find a sweet-spot by turning the colorful circles and see what is the maximum level you can reach! 🙌

It is very focused on accessibility, and provides you with 3 ways to find the sweetspot: sound, visual animation and haptics (tactile). All 3 combined it makes for a really interesting experience and a game that is sure to kill few minutes here and there in your morning commute!

Give it a shot! 👉AppStore Link