New SwitchBuddy update adds screenshot Gallery

By Filip Němeček • Feb. 11, 2022

Version 1.6.0 brings brand new gallery to view saved screenshots from your Switch. It also comes with option to transfer screenshot to in-app storage (which acts as a source for the gallery). Remaining export options are Photos library and iCloud Drive.

Screenshots and videos saved to SwitchBuddy can also be viewed in the Files app - perfect to do backup or other file operations.

Smaller new features include new Issues screen with stuff to try when connection to Nintendo Switch doesn't work. From earlier update there is also viewfinder zoom available on all devices (up to 10x) for easier scanning when playing in docked mode. This mostly means you don't have to get up and close to the TV to scan the QR code.

SwitchBuddy is a companion app for Nintendo Switch owners to easily transfer screenshots and videos from the console to iOS device. And with new Gallery to also view these screenshots.