Shop for groceries more consciously and waste less food with Kiff

By TOPXEL, SC • Oct. 11, 2021

Did you know a third of all the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted? The incredible amount of 1.3 billion tons per year! This waste is responsible for 8-10% of all global emissions, which contributes to the climate change threat, one of the greatest of our time. But not only that, other essential resources that are key to feeding more people, such as land and water, are also lost in the process.

We need to eat (obviously), but current food consumption patterns are unsustainable from both health and environmental points of view. From all the food waste, 40% is generated at home. We all are part of this problem, and we can do much more! We need to change not only what we eat but how much food we buy and throw away.

Shopping for groceries more consciously is key for reducing food waste at home. But sometimes, we can't make better buying decisions because we don't have the right information. With our latest update, Kiff will deliver new insights about your food consumption habits. You will find out what categories of food you consume and throw away more, and even identify those specific items that you always end up tossing away.

This update is the first step to provide you with all the information to help you make better informed and more sustainable purchasing decisions. So you can save both food and money.

Join us in the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint by lowering your food waste with Kiff. Together we can make a big difference!