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Museum Shuffle

by Christopher Wu
iPhone iPad Reference Requires iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2


About Museum Shuffle

Let's explore some random artwork from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam! The Rijksmuseum collection hosts a wide variety of artwork that includes engravings, paintings, furniture, jewelry, etc. Who knows what you will find with a random shuffle? You can also specify some search parameters to give you some control of what artwork is randomly selected.

* The "Shuffle" tab lets you discover some randomly selected pieces of artwork. You can save artwork you find interesting by tapping the "Save" button.

* The "Search" tab gives you some control of what artwork is randomly selected. If you fill in one or more search parameters and hit the shuffle button your parameters will be used to determine what type of artwork is randomly selected. Note that not all search combinations will product a result.

* The "Favorites" tab lists your saved favorites. You can touch a favorite to see its full description, look up its location in the museum, share it with others, and view the artwork on the museum's website.

* The "More" tab gives access to the settings menu, information about the museum, and developer contact information.

Museum Shuffle uses many of the latest iOS features including the following:

- Dark/Light Mode
- VoiceOver support
- Large Dynamic Font support
- Grid view for displaying more of your favorite artwork at the same time
- New on-screen menus for easier control

Museum Shuffle was developed using the Rijksmuseum API. Not developed by, for, through the intercession of, or with the support of the Rijksmuseum.

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