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by Christopher Wu
iPhone Food & Drink Requires iOS 16.2


About Foodlapse


Foodlapse lets you rapidly track days where you have a lapse in judgment.

Everyone has them, days where we don't eat the way we should. Having bubble tea is fine. Having it three days in a row? Not so much. That's a lapse in judgment called a Foodlapse. Using the app you can rapidly track these days and easily see if maybe you should "cool it" or see that it’s time to treat yourself!

- Rapidly log days where you've had a lapse in judgment.
- Siri shortcut support. It’s fastest to log a day with the help of Siri!
- See the history of your logged days in a beautiful calendar or in a list.
- Get a detailed breakdown of your activity over time with charts.
- Voiceover and dynamic text support
- No subscriptions (Pro is a one-time purchase)
- No advertising in the free or Pro version
- Clean and playful design
- Dark Mode support (can be automatic)
- Numerous settings to configure the user interface

There are also an extensive number of widgets and you can put several of them on your lock screen!

* Monthly calendar - See what was logged on what day of the current month. Accent colors are configurable.
* Days left - Have a countdown from a configurable number of days since your last Foodlapse. Know when you can treat yourself!
* Days Since - See how many days it has been since your last Foodlapse.
* Most Frequent thing this Month - See what one thing you've recorded the most this month.
* Pie Chart - See how much you've recorded this month. Alternate color scheme or no colors for colorblind users available.
* Monthly Bar Chart - Show what items you've recorded the most this month.
* All Time Bar Chart - Show what items you've recorded the most over all time.

English (U.S.), German
Thanks to Stefan Blos for the German translation help!

Foodlapse was made by just me, Chris, an indie developer.

Privacy Policy:

If you have any questions, problems, or comments please reach out!

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