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by Jeffrey Williams
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About Loan Calculator - Loan2Me

Loan2Me is a free loan calculator that provides a quick and easy way to calculate your loan payments by entering the loan amount, interest rate and term (length of the loan). Pro features gives you additional input screens and date features to easily calculate any loan value. Do you want to know how much loan you can afford? Easy, enter the monthly payment you want to make, how long you want to pay and the interest rate to calculate the loan amount. Do you want to know how a lower interest rate effects your monthly payment? Or how about shortening the term of your loan? How much will you save in interest? What if I pay more than the required monthly payment? All these answers are easily calculated with the user friendly input screens. Calculate your loan amount, Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), principal, interest, taxes and insurance (PITI) payment per month, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), total interest paid, total payments and more. For mortgage or vehicle loans, use the easy to fill-in input screens for down payments, trade-ins, dealer incentives, insurance, property taxes, sales tax and more. Save your loans by tapping the ellipsis (more actions) button in the input or edit screens, then select ’Save’ from the context menu (requires Pro Features). Your saved loans will automatically sync across all devices through iCloud (requires iOS 13 or later). Tap on your saved loan to view details and current progress on your loan. Customize the arrangement, rename, edit, share or delete your saved loans with a few taps. The detailed amortization schedule shows how much of your monthly payment goes towards interest and principal along with the remaining balance. Create detailed Portable Document Format (PDF) reports you can markup, save and share with just a few taps. Quickly alter the loan input values to see the effects on your payments, total interest, total payments and term. Add extra payments to see how much time and money you can save by adding a little more each month. Use the slider on the Progress Chart to visualize your loan progress over time. How much will I still owe after 5 years? See how much you actually paid and how much you still owe after a specified amount of time. Share, save or print your results with just a few taps. Is it better to take the cash back or a lower interest rate? How much will I save with a 20-year mortgage over a 30-year mortgage? A valuable tool for anyone wanting instant answers to make an informed decision on that next loan. With vehicle loans, you can also customize the sales tax calculation for your state on whether they give a tax credit for trade-in value and/or dealer incentives. Great for calculating mortgages, car loans, personal loans, boat loans, recreational vehicle (RV) loans, student loans, etc. Knowledge is power. Be an informed buyer to get the loan you want and negotiate the lowest price. Loan2Me incorporates accessibility features of VoiceOver and Dynamic Font size for user preferences. Now you can choose between five different color themes. Looks great in both light and dark modes! Detailed help screens and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provides an abundance of information so you can utilize all the features available in this app. The best part is the basic features are FREE without any annoying ads! Don’t miss out on the Professional Features that are available for a one-time purchase. Add this fantastic tool to your toolbox and you’ll always be ready for that next big purchase!