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Fitness Challenge Tracker

by Daniel Kašaj
iPhone Health & Fitness Requires iOS 14.0
App Store $0.99
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Fitness Challenge Tracker adds support for 3 new challenge types

Published: Sept. 29, 2022


About Fitness Challenge Tracker

People who wear an Apple Watch get a new Fitness challenge every month. When they beat that challenge, a beautiful collectible badge is awarded inside the Fitness app.

Are you into collecting those? If so, Fitness Challenge Tracker is the prefect tool for you to monitor your progress towards one. It integrates with Apple's Health app to read relevant data and get you insights about the least amount of work you need to do each day.

Designed to be as simple as if it were a missing feature of Apple’s Fitness app, it gives you fresh insights every time you switch back to the app. The only thing it requires you to do is to look up and enter your challenge at the beginning of each month, as there is no way to detect your challenge automatically.

One of the things we pride ourselves with is not collecting, saving or transmitting any of your data. We know absolutely nothing about our users. This app will even go as far to only ask you for one Health reading permission at a time. Only bare minimum needed to work for you.

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