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Reading Time

Book Tracker

by Daniel Kašaj
iPhone iPad Books Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About Reading Time - Book Tracker

“Finish more books” shouldn’t be just a forgotten new years’ resolution.

Log your reading sessions to know how long until you're done with a book. 
You’ll be surprised that many can be finished in just a few days. Even in short sessions.

Let your reading activity inform and motivate you:

1. Decide which book you’ll finish next and add it to the app. 
Scan the books' barcode or use a search field to retrieve info from Google Books. Or just enter everything yourself.

2. Start clock, go read, and stop it when you’ve had enough. 
No session is too short, and every session counts. Soon you'll be sneaking in reading time everywhere, even for that 3-stop subway ride.

3. You'll see your prediction for that book. Only 3 hours to go?! Done by Friday! 
Books come in different sizes and complexities. People do too. Your predictions are made only for you and for that particular book.

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