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by German Buela
iPhone iPad Music Requires iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1
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The vinyl experience now on your iPad

Published: Oct. 11, 2021


About Vinyl Fetish - music player

Vinyl Fetish is a music player for those who prefer to listen to whole albums and love the vinyl experience.

* Take albums from your Apple Music library (or local files) and “vinylize" them.
* Easily download real center labels from Discogs or snap a picture of them if you have the physical copies.
* Play the albums one side at a time, like you would with vinyl! Multi-volume albums are supported.
* Make adjustments of how sides should be arranged in those cases where the app didn’t guess it quite right.
* Organize albums into “collections,” which by default are defined by artist, but you can group albums as you wish.
* Browse a collection in a grid or switch to “crate” mode to flip through the records.
* Optionally edit artist names or titles and take advantage of quick actions to remove suffixes eg “(Remastered).”
* Optionally change the default artwork and pick one from Discogs.
* Your virtual vinyl data is uploaded to your iCloud storage so it’s available when you install the app on a second device, or just to get it back when you upgrade your device.
* Skip songs with a horizontal swipe gesture, or drag the tonearm to the track you want to play.
* Siri integration.
* A cool widget showing you the record that is currently on.

All of the above is free!

For extra goodies go Premium with a one time purchase or renewable subscriptions. Premium unlocks:

* Several color themes to choose from
* Crackle with adjustable volume
* Custom player layout (size and position of record and artwork)
* Album specific background colors
* Vinyl colors
* Alternate app icons
* Bulk vinylization

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