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by Dittman Shum
iPad Watch Education Requires iPadOS 13.0
App Store $4.99


About Chinese Flashcards - Zungzi

Zungzi is derived from the Chinese words 鐘 zung (clock) and 字 zi (word). It is a flashcard app to learn up to 5,000 Chinese words (from the official HSK list) on the Apple Watch.

This app does not require you to manually setup decks like you would in Anki, provides more efficient learning than Chineasy, and has a more advanced learning algorithm than Pleco.

Some of the key features of this app are:
- Spaced-repetition algorithm to repeat words that you attempt incorrectly more frequently than the words that you know well.
- Support for traditional and simplified Chinese
- Support for pinyin and jyutping romanisations
- Bookmark words so you can look them up in a dictionary later
- Choosing the order in which you want to learn words (including HSK levels 1 to 6)
- 5,000 example sentences to learn how a word is used in practice
- Text-to-speech in both Cantonese and Mandarin
- Statistics to track how many words you have learnt
- Watchface complications to learn new words while glancing at the time
- Daily notifications to remind you to do a bit of study

Please follow me on twitter (@zungzi_app) and provide any suggestions/feedback for future versions.

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