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by Dittman Shum
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 13.0, iPadOS 13.0


About Kaku

Kaku is a Japanese learning app aimed at beginner-to-intermediate learners. It helps them with sentence structure/formation by combining a number of tools into one app:
- A translator to give you live feedback on your sentence structure
- Jisho.org dictionary look-up on highlighted Japanese or English words.
- Inline Translate (⌘ + I) any highlighted sentences
- Conjugate any highlighted noun/verb/adjective to various forms
- Shadow Reader which provides audio output and highlights the text being spoken
- Saved sheets that sync between your iPhone and iPad so you always have them with you
- Common word lists across many categories
- Clipboard auto-translate so you can copy any text snippet on the web and quickly see what it means
- Reader Mode that improves readability on larger devices
- Widgets to immerse in your studies with a constant rotation of Japanese words and definitions

Please send any bug reports or suggestion to @kaku_app and follow for updates.

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