June 10, 2024

v 5.90

New app icon!

April 26, 2024

v 5.80

Added video tutorial.

Sept. 27, 2023

v 5.70

Optimised to support iOS 17!

Aug. 28, 2023

v 5.60

Fixed some grammar examples and improved the translation speed for shorter texts.

July 3, 2023

v 5.51

Fixed some grammar examples.

April 9, 2023

v 5.50

Highlight a word in English or hiragana, and select Quick Replace (⌘ R) to replace it with the kanji writing. e.g. meat becomes 肉

Feb. 16, 2023

v 5.40

Added setting to increase/decrease font size.

Jan. 31, 2023

v 5.30

Placeholder text is automatically deleted as the user enters text.

Nov. 2, 2022

v 5.20

Removed clutter from highlighted word menu.

Aug. 6, 2022

v 5.10

User interface improvement - added a close button to the word bank and conjugation modal sheets.

June 1, 2022

v 5.0


- The UI has been overhauled. The number of tabs has been reduced to bring greater focus to the writing tab.
- New light/neutral colour theme similar to Financial Times
- Adopted a Helvetica-like font for Japanese text
- A toolbar has been added to easily access features such as the Word Bank, external dictionary search, inline translation, conjugations and grammar examples, keyboard toggle
- New app logo/icon
- Updated in-app icons with the latest SF Symbols
- Added external dictionary search for popular dictionary apps such as imiwa?, Japanese, Midori, Shirabe Jisho
- Added conjugations for potential form, you-form, ba-form, passive form, imperative form, negative imperative form, causative form, causative passive form
- Added over 80 grammar examples that can be applied to any highlighted verb, adjective or noun
- Added onboarding tutorial

April 24, 2022

v 4.10

Translation section is now editable so you can correct any outputs before saving your sheet.

March 19, 2022

v 4.0

In this major update we have collaborated with the popular Nihongo dictionary app.

Highlight any text and save it directly to Nihongo as a clipping!

Also, search for the definition of any word in Nihongo by highlighting and pressing ⌘ + D. You can select your preferred external dictionary app via the Settings tab.

Feb. 5, 2022

v 3.90

Icons have been updated with the latest SF Symbols.

Dec. 25, 2021

v 3.80

Highlight any verb and conjugate it to the ~te-form from the menu.

Dec. 4, 2021

v 3.70

Highlight any verb, adjective or noun and conjugate it to the past form (~ta) from the menu.

Nov. 29, 2021

v 3.61

New app icon!

Nov. 1, 2021

v 3.50

Highlight any verb, adjective or noun and conjugate it to the negative past form (~nakatta) from the menu.