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Map Arguments

by Chad Mohler
iPhone iPad Mac Education Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About ArguMap - Map Arguments

Develop your critical thinking skills, construct stronger arguments, express your thoughts more effectively, and picture lines of reasoning via ArguMap!

Just as ordinary maps helps us to figure out where to go geographically, so argument maps help us to shine light on the landscape of reasoning. ArguMap, an app for mapping out arguments, has been specifically tailored and optimized to help people easily visualize their arguments and lines of reasoning. It allows people to lay out and explore on screen the essential ingredients of lines of reasoning / arguments: premises, conclusions, objections, counter-objections, and the expressions of the logical relations among all those claims.

ArguMap has the following features that make it superior to regular mind-mapping apps when it comes to mapping arguments:

* ArguMap allows its users easily to group claims together to show how they jointly provide reasons in favor of a conclusion. ArguMap makes that grouping of claims as easy as dragging them onto each other.
* ArguMap users can make use of connecting arrows specifically tailored to depicting how certain claims provide reasons *for* (solid green line) or *against* (dotted red line) other claims.
* With simple drags and taps, ArguMap users can easily group or ungroup claims, and connect or disconnect parts of a map. As a result, trying out different lines of reasoning is as easy as arranging pieces of paper on a table.
* With thicker or thinner connecting lines, ArguMap can show how some premises offer stronger or weaker reasons in favor of a conclusion.
* Individuals can provide feedback on the various parts of a map using virtual notes. Commented-on maps can then be shared with their creators via email, text, AirDrop, or various other sharing mechanisms.

The commenting and sharing features of ArguMap make it especially ideal for use by teachers and students who are working on improving the students' critical thinking and reasoning skills. Students can easily share their maps with their teachers. Teachers, in turn, can share commented-on maps back to their students.

Making use of ArguMap's native integration with the Files app, users can save their maps either locally on their own devices or online via cloud storage.

The free version of ArguMap allows all maps to be opened in read-only format. A free 30-day trial of the app's "Pro" features allows users to try out the powerful editing functionality of the app. An in-app purchase unlocks those Pro editing features for use beyond the trial period.

Note: in-app purchases in ArguMap are not currently shared via Family Sharing. If you are interested in Family Sharing, purchase ArguMap Pro instead.