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Structured 2.0 adds an Inbox, Reminders Import, and more

Published: Oct. 8, 2021


About Structured - Daily Planner

Structured: Your all-in-one day planner combining calendar, to-do list, and habit tracker into a single timeline. Join over 1 million happy planners, start achieving your goals, and make the most of your day.

The visual timeline forms the core of Structured, where your business appointments, private events, and to-do lists all come together. Easily create tasks in seconds, set deadlines, rearrange them, and customize your day according to your needs. Whether dealing with ADHD, autism, or simply seeking a bit more structure, we are here to make it happen.

Start planning for free to:

- Manage your daily tasks in an intuitive timeline and achieve your goals faster
- Reach mental clarity by storing your thoughts in the Inbox - you can sort it out later
- Use Structured across all your devices and synchronize your tasks to make them accessible from anywhere
- Utilize notes and sub-tasks to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable parts
- Enhance your focus using Live Activities, interactive widgets, and a dedicated focus timer for a more productive and distraction-free work atmosphere
- Easily rearrange tasks in seconds using drag & drop whenever your plans change
- Enhance your focus using color coding and hundreds of unique icons
- Create tasks across time zones, perfect for travelers or collaborating with partners worldwide
- Use Structured's accessibility features, including support for VoiceOver, VoiceControl, a dyslexic-friendly font and translations into many languages

Upgrade to Structured Pro to:

- Integrate all your calendars and to-do lists to create a complete overview of your day
- Create recurring tasks to set up routines for your workday or your favorite weekend program
- Use Structured AI to create your schedule with natural language recognition
- Customize your notifications perfectly to every situation

Structured Pro is available for purchase as a monthly or annual subscription, or as a one-time lifetime purchase.

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