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Kilowatt – Electric Car Timer

by Tijs Teulings
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 15.3, iPadOS 15.3


About Kilowatt – Electric Car Timer

Kilowatt helps you easily estimate when your electric car will be charged up and ready to go again. While most electric cars come with a companion app it's not always easy to see when your battery will be full after hooking up your charger. With Kilowatt you simply select your car model, charger type goal charge and you'll receive a notification when your battery is at the percentage you wanted.

Kilowatt offers the following features:

• Makes a quick estimate of the charge time based on car or motorcycle model and charger type
• Easily pick 80% or 100% as your charging goal, or a custom goal
• Get an estimate of expected range in miles or kilometers
• Supports all charger types and 300+ electric car or motorcycle models
• Receive a notification when your goal has been reached
• Time estimates take into account the battery charge profile of the selected car if available
• For cars without a custom profile we use an average charge profile
• Dark mode support
• Collects zero personal data, and no ads. Saving everything on your device only

Handy for owners of an electric car, or potential owners who are looking to get a feel for how long their favorite model would take to charge in different conditions.