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by Igor Rodionov
Mac Productivity Requires macOS 10.14.6
App Store $9.99


About Maccy

Maccy is a clipboard manager doing one job - keep your copy history at hand. Period.

• Blazing fast. Open and search your entire clipboard history in a fraction of a second. Nothing distracts you from what you're focused on.
• Keyboard-first. Just type what you want to find and hit Enter. Don't waste your time moving your hands away from the keyboard.
• Native and minimalistic design. Don't get distracted by a sophisticated interface and useless features. Feels like the operating system has a built-in clipboard manager.
• Secure and private. Password managers are not logged. All the data is stored on your Mac and never leaves it.
• Customizable and extensible. Configure every aspect in preferences. Automate complex cases with Shortcuts actions.
• Open source. The source code is available on GitHub under MIT license. This version is being sold on the App Store to support the development.