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by Peter Schmidt
iPhone Education Requires iOS 16.0
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Practice to calculate with huge numbers!

Published: Aug. 1, 2022


About Mental Math Games: FastMath

FastMath will turn you into a math genius in no time! It's the ultimate way to master solving math problems quickly in your head. Perfect for students, professionals, brain training, or just for fun, FastMath offers a wide variety of exercise types, number types, and difficulty levels to improve your math skills.

Discover the power of mental arithmetic with these fantastic features:
- Race against time with standardized tests to evaluate your performance level
- Set high scores to motivate and challenge yourself
- Compete with friends on leaderboards to achieve math supremacy
- Discover cool math tricks for lightning-fast problem solving
- Trainer offers maximum flexibility with different number and exercise types
- Monitor your progress and statistics to improve daily
- Addictive challenges help you develop a lasting habit
- Earn unique achievements the more you practice

Supported number types:
- Natural numbers
- Decimal numbers
- Giant numbers

Supported exercise types:
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Squares
- Square roots
- Fractions
- Percentages
- Modulo

Join thousands of learners, parents, schools, and teachers around the world who love FastMath! If there's something we can improve, or if you need help, contact our support team:

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