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Organize Fun!

by Teng Liu
iPhone iPad Lifestyle Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About Someday - Organize Fun!

Tired of the same old to-do list filled with chores and errands? Ready to spice things up? Welcome to Someday—the haven for everything FUN and JOYFUL!

Why You'll Love it

Organize the Fun

Catalog your favorite activities like "Go Snowboarding," "Travel Somewhere," "Buy Something Nice," or even "Discover a New Coffee Shop." The sky's the limit!

Bucket List Vibes

Flesh out your activities with your best ideas. For instance, "Wine Tasting" could lead to a list of vineyards you want to explore.

Or you can keep a list of ski resorts to crash. Books to read. Games to try out. The possibility is endless.

You can also pin ideas to repeat, and let Someday roll the dice for ya.

Surprise, Surprise!

Each week, we'll surprise you with 3 randomly picked tasks from your list. Think of it as a mini-adventure guide tailored just for you.

Don't Despair!

Ready to make every week a celebration? With Someday, you’re never far from a fun experience. Boredom, meet your match!

Life is too short for a boring to-do list. Let Someday be your fun guru, your digital sprinkle of happiness, and your go-to joyride companion. Hit that download button and let’s make today amazing!

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