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Care Companion

by Teng Liu
iPhone iPad Lifestyle Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About PlantPal: Care Companion

Keep your plants thriving and growing with PlantPal, the most comprehensive and efficient plant care app tailored just for houseplant enthusiasts.

=== Organized Plant Collection ===

Easily add and categorize your plants by rooms and groups. No more forgetting where you placed that succulent!

=== Intelligent Task Tracking ===

Track essential tasks like watering, fertilizing, and repotting.

PlantPal is better than a mere to-do list. With the added convenience to set repeating tasks and the agility to snooze tasks when needed, you're always in control.

=== Photo Journal ===

Chronicle your plant's growth journey with our Photo Book feature, making it a cinch to look back on every new leaf and bloom.

=== Smart Task Planner ===

Juggling plant care for multiple green friends? No worries—PlantPal can give you rest days in between. Specify your Work Days and let PlantPal optimally organize tasks to show only on those days.

=== PlantPal Library ===

Search for plants easily and stay informed. Out lightweight database offers basic care instructions for a myriad of houseplants.

=== iCloud Sync ===

Effortlessly maintain your plant data across your iPhone and iPad with secure and private iCloud sync.

=== Optimized for iPad ===

PlantPal is optimized for iPad with a triple-column layout to maximize the use of your screen space.

The app also works great with split-view and multi-window support, perfect for when you need more than one apps on the screen.

=== Privacy First ===

We value your privacy. PlantPal operates offline, ensuring a fast, responsive experience without compromising your data.

We exclusively rely on iCloud for sync, meaning no third-party servers and no waiting.

=== === === === ===

Experience the joy of houseplant care simplified. Download PlantPal and let us be your guiding green thumb!

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