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Care Companion

by Teng Liu
iPhone iPad Lifestyle Requires iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1


About PlantPal: Care Companion

Keep forgetting when you watered your plants? Want to keep a journal of how much you plants have grown? Getting started with home gardening but not sure where to look? PlantPal has the answer.

PlantPal is a full-featured app for everything about plant care — track care tasks, organize plant information, and log growth with photos — all in one place!

Smart Reminders

PlantPal reminds you when it's time to water your plant. Never again struggle to remember when you last remember the plants.

Soil not dry yet? Snooze a task with one tap, and PlantPal will automatically defer the task by a few days to fit your schedule.

Need reminders to fertilize, repot, and prune your plants? PlantPal also has you covered.

Plant Diary

Use photos to log how much your plants have grown. Take notes along the way about milestones such as sprouting, first bloom, and rooting success.

You can also share the photos easily with photo templates.

Stay Organized

Put your plants into rooms. Plants in your living room can belong together, and you can even create another location to separate plants at work vs. plants at home.

Group plants so that they can be watered and fertilized together—like a coveted tropical planter, with assorted plants in one container.

Water For Free, Forever

For casual houseplant owners, PlantPal is free to use. Add as many plants as you may have, and track watering with it.

If you are serious and need to track fertilizing, repotting, and more, PlantPal Pro is there for you with an affordable subscription.

Organic App, Zero BS

In case you didn't notice—the app is 10 MB in size.

PlantPal is brought to you by a team of one developer in Vancouver, Canada. You’ll see no ads. No begging you to check out some article from the team. No showing you a video to trigger your FOMO. No signing up or logging in. No secretly uploading your photos to the web.

We don't upload your data to a server we own. PlantPal syncs over iCloud, and it works perfectly fine offline. There is never a split second delay in everything you tap in the app.

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