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Chart Your Music

by Rob In der Maur
iPhone iPad Music Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About Chart Your Music

With Chart Your Music you will be able to create collections of charts (e.g. Top 40 2022, Best Albums 2022) of the music you love and then create charts ranking your songs, albums, tracks, either daily, weekly, monthly, unordered. Over time, Chart Your Music will become your musical diary.

This app is for music lovers that need more than the seasonal 'what did I listen to' lists of Apple Music and Spotify. Be in control of your own charts, not solely determined by (accidental) listening behaviour but carefully curated by you.

Chart Your Music supports the following features:
- create collections of charts (e.g. Top 40 2022, Best Albums 2022),
- define characteristics of a collection, like number of entries, colour scheme for entries moving up, down, …
- add charts to a collection sequentially over time (e.g. week 2, week 3) or just unordered,
- add entries to a chart manually, by searching for music or sharing music directly from Apple Music or Spotify,
- get consolidated views of a collection and its entries on total points, number of chart entries, highest position and number of nr. 1 positions,
- automatically sync collections between your iPhone and iPad devices using CloudKit,
- and much, much more…