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by Ilya Klimenko
iPhone Photo & Video Requires iOS 15.0


About TMPro

Timelapse - Life interval photography with your iPhone. Timelapse - Life - simple design, powerful potential, lots of features.

TimeLapse shooting helps to see the beautiful movement of clouds or other objects, usually TimeLapse cameras save the finished video, Timelapse - Life shoots each frame with a fixed exposure and focus, saves it in a photo library. And after you can apply processing of each shot in photo or video editors to save stunning videos with the best quality.

This project is in the beginning of its development, in the future Timelapse - Life waits a lot of features and amazing pictures!

- A simple, intuitive gesture-based interface that you can use with one hand.
- Minimal power consumption for continuous shooting.
- Manual focus and exposure.
- Battery level indicator.
- Indicator of available storage space on the device
- RAW/JPEG file format for the best picture quality.
- 6 interval shooting modes: 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60.
- Save photos to a photo library for easy access and export to Mac.